Friday, April 22, 2011

In The Mood For a Few Upcycled Wool Blanket Cushions

Over the last couple of days I have felt like creating a few cushions.  From a recycled, rewashed and sundried blue blanket I have had fun creating these.
Don't you just love the happy blue colour.  My lovely partner picked one up and snuggled in to it and said..."Can we keep these ones?".

They are in fact for sale!

Please visit the Products Page at



Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Hearts for Christchurch

AS there continue to be more earthquakes in Christchurch I have posted off a few more hearts to Evie.  Check out her site for an international gathering of hearts sending love to the people of Christchurch.
The southerly blaster, straight from Antarctica has hit can't be much fun down there.
Thanks to Evie,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hearts For Christchurch

Last week I came across a blog called and am inspired to send a few hearts off myself.  Evie Harris is collecting them, sharing the photographs and then will organise fro them to reach Christchurch.  The hearts are gathering from all over the world.  A lovely thing to be part of....Thank you Evie.
I will post these off to you tomorrow!
I do hope they find homes in Christchurch and add a bit of cheer as the winter sets in.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mini Quilts Are Fun!

Inspired by the colourful mini quilts by Red Pepper Quilts and The Gourmet Quilter...I have made my first mini.  My fabric pieces were cut into 2"by 4" rectangles before I started to trim them down to fit together. I used something old and something new in my fabric stash.
What has developed would make a lovely wall hanging or a top for a bedside cabinet for a girl.
I love the "Wish It"  "Dream It" wording on the mauve fabric.
This quilt measures 15"x15".  It is 100% cotton top, batting and backing.
I did enjoy making it and may go even smaller with my pieces next time.