Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Facecloths For Therapy Tables

One of the things I have been doing over many years now is making fun cotton facecloths for Chiropractic tables.

Clients really enjoy selecting their favourite color and theme of the moment to use for their adjustment/entrainment during their visit to the Chiropractor.

No more sticky paper towels on your face!  If you think this is a good idea, and your Chiropractor or therapist of any sort for that matter hasn’t made the move to more eco-friendly cotton facecloths…let alone comfy and fun….please share this post with them.

In fact my facecloths are now to be found in very distant parts of the world, and they are are part of the healing process for not only chiropractic clients but those of osteopaths, massage therapists and energy healers.

Some Practice members even buy their own facecloth, have it in their handbags, and bring it to their session…just like your own yoga mat for your yoga class!

Enjoy, Salsy.

Here are a few pics of the latest bunch.....

This latest bunch of cotton facecloths has found a new home in an Osteopathic Practice.

One of the most fun parts of the process is choosing the fabric.  I have enjoyed using some Jennifer Pudney designs here, along with some of those of Jane Sassaman.