Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quilting Adventures in Melbourne

A Great Place to Get Some Strength Up Before Heading Out to Patchwork on Central Park

So after a very pleasant vanilla slice and green tea I headed out on a tram to Patchwork on Central Park.
It was a cool day and as I slipped in to the warm shop I was greeted by another customer coughing largely in the small space.  It seemed that wherever I went there she was.  I should come back later...I thought, but didn't really have time so braved on with enjoying the delicious range of fabrics there.
I do like to take my time and enjoy the process.
Note to self: 'remember to bring earplugs next time'  Edith Piaff's strident tone was just too much!
'Also, face mask would have been handy'.

I was nearly ready to present my choices to the helpful lady there and as I approached the counter another woman with daughter in tow said loudly to her.."Is the other lady who works here here today??"
The helpful lady and I exchanged looks and bonded instantly as the rude tone continued...
How could that rude woman have known that the "helpful one" didn't have a degree in All Things In Fabric Wonderland"?
Fortunately she sulked off,..did I mention 'rude'?... and I continued to have my new stash stacked up and headed off.
Just around the corner there was a lovely cafe and the reception so warm and caring that I almost burst in to tears.  Sometimes these expeditions are more stressful than one imagines in anticipation.