Monday, May 16, 2011

Tea Cups in an Attic Window

How do you like my fabric stash ready for class last week at Kapiti Coast Bernina.  Diana patiently led me through the first attic window/ cupboard construction.

By the end of the day I had the quilt top made.  Now I'm awaiting the shop sale for the back and a few other items next week.
I'll post a photo of the finished article once it is done.
So please check back.
In the meantime...leave me a comment...what do you think??

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Only a Small Amount To Show For a Lot of Background Work

This week has been the week where I finally tackled a bit more of my technophobia and uploaded the Wordpress e-Commerce plugin to my website, configured it and uploaded my first products to my Products Page.
Sounds like I know what I am doing as I read this, but I can tell you there has been a lot of brain-strain and trial and error.
The first four products for sale are now online...yummy blue upcycled wool blanket cushions.  These are a great compliment to any favorite quilt.

Once I get over the initial excitement I have a few aprons to show you, and two of the quilts already shown in previous posts.
I've even got a few ideas for some free giveaways...So Watch This Space.

Check out the new products on

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Thanks from Salsy