Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby Quilts Ready For SALE!

After a busy couple of weeks a soft and cuddly bunch of baby quilts have emerged!
They are made up with the gorgeous fabric I found at Patchwork On Central Park.
I seem to be drawn to Lecien fabric...there is quite a bit of it here.

Here is the first one...

This quilt is all boy!

The top central fabric is 100% Organic Cotton by birchfabrics, "Storyboek".
Borders are by Lecien, Atelier & Akiko.
Backing is so soft!..'nani IRO', Naomi Ito, POCHO knit.
Wadding is 100% Cotton.
Measures 25x28 inches.

The whole effect is irresistibly cuddly.
This quilt would make a great cot top, buggy quilt, travel quilt and even a wall hanging.

Price = US$65.00 

I am happy to post anywhere in the world.

Payment through Paypal.

Please contact me through the comment form if you are interested in purchasing this quilt.

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  1. Really neat fabrics in this quilt and in your quilt projects on your website.
    best, nadia